NHDC proposes new Parish Council for Great Ashby

Two separate communities have developed within the Parish of Graveley, one centred on Graveley Village and the other on Great Ashby. North Herts District Council has undertaken a formal review and feels that the area would be better served by two parishes. The Council’s intention is to:

On 1 April 2011 create a new parish to be named the Parish of Graveley based upon Graveley village and surrounding area.

On 1 April 2011 create a new parish to be named the Parish of Great Ashby based upon that area of GreatAshby which lies in North Hertfordshire.

Create a new boundary between the parishes along the line of the Weston Road

Create a Parish Council for the new Graveley parish containing five (5) Members

Create a Parish Council for the new Great Ashby parish containing twelve (12) Members

Confirm or amend these proposals at the Council Meeting to be held on 10 February 2011

A period of Public consultation is now open and is due to close on Tuesday 4 January 2011. Comments should be made by letter to David Miley, North Hertfordshire District Council, Gernon Road Letchworth, SG6 3JF or by e-mail to david.miley@north-herts.gov.uk (tel: 01462 474208)

Mapping and additional information:

The report agreed by the Council at its meeting held on 11 November 2010 can be viewed by accessing the following link to the NHDC website – www.northherts.gov.uk/index/council_and_democracy/democracy/council_and_committee_meetings/meeting_dates_minutes_and_agendas.htm

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