Great Ashby Community Council Meeting 14th July 2011

ON THURSDAY 14 JULY 2011 AT 7.30 P.M.


Apologies for absence


Approval of Minutes of Meeting held on 9 June 2011

3. Guest Speaker – Mary Caldwell

– Development and Conservation Manager NHDC who will address Members on planning application procedures with the opportunity to raise any questions

4. Guest Speaker – John Ironside – Corporate Strategic Planning and Enterprise Manager NHDC

– who will address Members on strategic planning and consultation procedures with the opportunity to raise any questions


To receive a Report on the work of the Great Ashby Youth Club from Kelly Hockley (Lead Youth Worker).

6. Matters raised by members of the public

. Please see attached note (1) in regards to conduct.
7. Correspondence

received from NHDC regarding two domestic planning applications – 15 Great Ashby Way and 37 The Beacons for approval. When the planning Committee is established later in this agenda then these two applications will be passed on to the appropriate Council Members.

Received from NHDC invitation to Council Members to attend training on Members Code of Conduct to be held on the 3rd or 4th of August 2011at the Council Offices in Letchworth. Councillors, please indicate your intention and your preferred date.
Received Summer 2011 – The Voice of Local Councils Magazine.

8. Finance

– to receive a written Report prepared by the RFO detailing the Council’s financial position as at 30 June 2011. Please see attached note marked (2).
Council to consider and agree what level of funding the Council might provide for the second year of the Youth Club’s operation. The Annual Report and Budget for the Club and a paper outlining plains for developing the long term sustainability of the club is attached marked (3)
9. Insurance

– to receive and consider quotations from Zurich Insurance PLC, Came & Company and Finance Re-direct Insurance Services and to agree appropriate levels of cover and who should provide the necessary insurance for the council. Please see attached document marked (4)

10. Clerk/Responsible Financial Officer

– to consider and adopt the procedures and terms of reference as recommended by HAPTC and for the Acting Clerk to advise members of possible candidates.  The Appointments Panel – EG, BJ and PP be requested to prepare a suitable advertisement

To consider commissioning a Survey of equipment in children’s playgrounds in Great Ashby to ascertain whether there is sufficient equipment which may be easily used by both disabled and able bodied children with a view to ensuring the provision of such equipment should the Survey indicate that there is a need


Following the decision to form a Planning Committee to nominate six Members of Council.  These members will be required to prepare terms of reference. As agreed this Committee will encompass planning applications, planning strategy and NHDC Core Strategy. A further element of this Committee could be to encompass Highways, Grounds Maintenance and Play areas but members are requested to decide whether this should be a separate committee and a decision is sought on this.  It is suggested that the lead portfolio holder on any element of the Planning Committee should be linked to the appropriate NHDC Officer and a decision will be requested

To report on Meeting held with NHDC Grounds Maintenance Officer with special responsibilities for Great Ashby – Thomas Ayres – held on 20 June 2011.  Meeting attended by EG, GH and RL – See report attached marked (5)

Following the resolution at the last Council Meeting to set up a Strategic Planning Committee, nomination of Council Members are requested who will at the outset prepare Terms of Reference.  It is suggested that the task will be preparation of a Plan of Action for the future which, when complete, will be ratified by full Council

GH and JB to report on any progress made regarding Media matters, i.e. Website, Email and Facebook


To report to Council on NHS Hertfordshire’s Conference on equality of medical care provision held on 13 July 2011 and attended by EG, BJ and VB


To agree that the offer to address Council by NHDC Community Development and Policy and Community Services Manager – Stuart Izzard – be accepted and confirm his invitation to the next Council Meeting on 8 September 2011

18. Date of next Meeting – 8 September 2011


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