Neighbourhood Watch

Why does Great Ashby need Neighbourhood Watch?

Most people will accept that Great Ashby has a fairly low level of crime and the last thing anyone wants is to spread fear and contradict this. However, according to the recent crime statistics published by Stevenage Police there have been numerous reports of crime incidents in the area. Also, many residents have expressed their concerns at the monthly Great Ashby Community Group (GACG) meetings that the new shopping centre may become a target for anti-social behaviour and nobody wants to see this happen.

What’s going on in Great Ashby NHW?

So far, volunteers have come forward from only a few small areas of Great Ashby. Those people who have already registered are now in the process of contacting their neighbours to set up their own local area schemes.

However, in order to get as much of Great Ashby covered as possible, the group are looking for new areas to join and more recruits to work as local co-ordinators.

How do I set up a scheme?

In order to set up a scheme the first thing to do is to define your area and appoint a co-ordinator. An area can be anything from a small cul-de-sac of three or four houses to a large section of a main street. The advice from the Police is to break up large streets into smaller, logical blocks. There is no minimum size to an area but the maximum practical size is around forty houses.

What does a co-ordinator do?

The fundamental role of the co-ordinator is communication. As a co-ordinator you will establish your area and make contact with your neighbours. You can set up formal or informal meetings. The Police will be more than happy to attend at least the first meeting with you and your neighbours to explain what it is all about. Thereafter, your role will be to:

  1. Receive communications, alerts and/or updates from the Police which you can cascade on to your neighbours,
  2. Pass any relevant details from your area up to the Police
  3. Be part of the network of co-ordinators who will share useful information with each other regarding crimes being committed in the area.

At the very least it is a good excuse for having a drink with the neighbours! You will also get to meet a few neighbours who you’ve previously only nodded to at a distance.

What should I do now?

If you are interested in either becoming a co-ordinator or encouraging one of your neighbours to become a co-ordinator then please send an e-mail to

All e-mail addresses will be kept in confidence by the co-ordinator for the whole of Great Ashby.

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